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You and your employees are more than  just a number…

We all do a little better when we feel seen, heard, and supported. That includes you in the HR and benefits department too! It’s no good having an archaic platform that drives you round the bend. That’s why you need FlexGenius:

Continuous development means we help keep you ahead of the trends
Plug-in your existing benefits – or choose new ones – and away you go!
Designed to reduce your time spent on admin

Create a community

As much as people like to protest it, most of us are creatures of habit where convenience is king. And creating a community works best with a defined hub that has all the information needed in one place.

We know your employee benefits and recognition schemes are integral to building your community. From navigating benefits and how to access them, to hosting HR documents… Consider FlexGenius your one-stop shop.

“Our new platform continues to provide new and relevant options to engage with our workforce. As proven by the high levels of engagement and take-up.”

Emma Tomkinson, Head of Change Project Partners (People)
Together Housing Group

Together Housing Group saw their engagement accelerate to


Making life easier in HR

We have listened to the pain points of hundreds of customers, specifically HR professionals.

Our portal integrates with a wide range of benefits, has a built-in communications suite, to using a Single Sign On portal for both HR and employees. We’re making it our mission to cut down your time spent on mundane admin so you can focus on the important things. Like choosing the benefits that matter most to you and your teams.

“It has been a great experience working with Avantus and the proof is in the unanimously positive feedback we as an HR team have received from management and staff”

Collette Harrison, People Advisor for the UK Benefits team

Treatt saw their engagement accelerate to




Health Matters

Build your own holistic health suite with a plethora of provisions. Build in services that cover mental health as well as physiological health. Covering health screening, medical insurance, access to gyms and health clubs, and so much more.

Reward & Recognition

Nominate, recognise and reward your team members easily and meaningfully, with a range of incentives. You can roll-out innovative and engaging reward programmes quickly and simply.

Let’s Get Saving

Improve the financial wellbeing of everyone within your company. Whether they have a mature investment portfolio, they’re looking for advice on pensions, or consolidating and managing debt. We are independent brokers, meaning we can find the best savings and innovative affinity products in the market.

Financial Protection

From income protection, critical illness cover and death in service benefits, to enhancing pension pots. Your employees deserve a safety net! Educate and offer a range of financial protection products.

Lifestyle Benefits

Because life is about more than work! Help make your employees salary go further with savings on all kinds of benefits. From holiday trading and childcare vouchers, to payroll giving and cycle to work schemes. We’ve got you covered. Better still, it’s all managed in one platform.

Let us show you around our first class product

Want to hear more about how we can free up your time from tedious admin? Book a no-obligation demo of our platform today!

Manage your benefits, salary sacrifice and recognition programmes from one place!
Use our built-in communications suite to educate your employees about their entitlement and Total Reward Statements
Our secure policies and documents hub can be accessed by your team, whenever, wherever
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