RPC Tyche

RPC Tyche is an award-winning tech software and consultancy company with offices in the UK, France and USA. Originally part of a larger organisation, they became an independent entity in 2019.


Smooth transition to new flexible platform


RPC Tyche


84% engagement rate

Project requirements

Originally RPC Tyche benefited from another similar digital employee benefits platform. So, the business understood the potential and real value of a digital employee rewards scheme and were keen to implement a new platform in 2020.

Mark has been brilliant dealing with all our queries and building our site. We received unanimous positive feedback from our staff. This proof is in the 84% engagement rate we have seen!

The journey to  the platform launch wasn’t always the easiest. We often had last minute changes while setting up our new policies and benefits, but Mark took it all in his stride.

The launch has been very positive. We dealt with lots of sudden and late changes to our direction. That said, having a hands-on, dedicated project manager removed a lot of the stress.

We really rate FlexGenius and FairCare for its agility, which is essential to our evolving business! Having not completed a project like this before, I found the team great for providing guidance.

– Sarah Slade, People Operations and Benefits Manager, RPC Tyche

The solution

We worked quickly and flexibly (hey, we’re not called FlexGenius for nothing!) with RPC Tyche to set up their new FlexGenius platform. We understood that a seamless changeover was crucial for their teams during their transition period. And what with the COVID-19 pandemic meaning their staff were working remotely, we also appreciated the need for them to easily communicate, reward and recognise their teams, reducing the impact of working in isolation.

FlexGenius has been developed to make it easy to customise the platform. The design allows clients to mirror their corporate identity for a harmonious experience.

Knowing the power of a digital employee recognition platform, RPC Tyche were keen to minimise outage to their teams. So, we understand the importance of speed and accuracy in migrating them to our platform.