Succession Wealth

Established in 2009, Succession Wealth is the UK’s leading independent wealth management and financial planning business. With over 20,000 individual clients, they remain focussed on helping meet their clients’ unique needs. Their key goal is to help clients reach their full potential – as opposed to a one-size fits all offering.

Their ethos is to help every individual and business they serve, to reach their fullest financial potential. Partnering with Succession Wealth to upgrade their employee benefits offering, enabled us to extend that ethos to their employees.

Succession Wealth

A smooth, well received multi-benefits platform launch


Succession Wealth


77% engagement rate

Project requirements

Previously, the benefits offering was manual and paper-based. Succession Wealth wanted a new digital benefits, rewards and recognition platform. One of the most important aspects was the flexibility to adapt their offering for their team, without the rigmarole of change. They recognise the needs of their employees changes over time, and so should the way they look after them.

Succession Wealth

The process couldn’t have gone more smoothly because of all the support and management from our account manager.

Charlotte Evans, Senior HR Advisor, Succession Wealth

The solution

We combined our FlexGenius rewards and Avantus Employee Benefits packages. This enables them to cherry pick the services they feel are most useful for their workforce.

They selected the FlexGenius Rewards and Recognition package. This incorporates:

  • An incentive points-based scheme from management
  • A peer to peer recognition program
  • Company awards

We focus on delivering this as a personalised, client-branded platform. Because we know that by creating a seamless end-user experience means better results.


Succession Wealth have seen a 77% engagement rate with their combination benefits platform. Feedback from their team has included that the launch was easy and well received, with minimal issues.

FlexGenius could help boost your employee engagement with our flexible, digital platform.

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Succession Wealth