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Introducing FlexGenius

See what our employee benefits platform can do for your business! 


Upgrade to a transformational employee experience

FlexGenius is a premium flexible employee benefits platform, designed from the ground up to satisfy the most demanding employees.

The beautiful and succinct presentation, combined with intuitive processes, delivers the first-class experience your employees expect.

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Image of smartphone displaying the Flexgenius software interface for managing flexible employee benefits.

Personalise your communications with FlexGenius

It sounds obvious, but the most effective employee communications are those that are relevant to the recipients. FlexGenius, through its profiling and grouping capability, enables effective employee communications targeting, whether using integrated announcements, news reels or video content.

Personalise communications
Image of a tablet with the Flexgenius software on the screen, representing flexible employee benefits management

Be the employer of choice

A valuable package of flexible employee benefits is a prerequisite for attracting the best talent for your business. Presenting and communicating those benefits with FlexGenius's suite of tools will ensure your business stands out; continuing the first-class journey that your employees expect.

Providing the right employee experience and offering benefits that your workforce demands can help your company become the employer of choice!

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Employer of choice | FlexGenius employee benefits platform

Explore our platform's range of flexible employee benefits features

Health matters | FlexGenius module

Health Matters

There is overwhelming evidence to suggest a direct correlation between the Health and Wellbeing of employees and workplace productivity. Our innovative approach delivers vital employee health benefits.

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Financial Protection | FlexGenius module

Financial Protection

Financial protection is a key component of any employee benefits package. FlexGenius maximises choice and flexibility, which is highly valued by both employees and their families.

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Let’s Get Saving icon | FlexGenius module

Let’s Get Saving

We search the market to deliver the best, most targeted and exclusive savings and discounts to provide your employees. Accessible anytime, anywhere; there is something for everybody.

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Employee Lifestyle Benefits icon | FlexGenius module

Lifestyle Benefits

FlexGenius plays host to the widest and most inspiring selection of employee benefits that are available in the market. All options are seamlessly integrated with straightforward administration.

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Employee Reward & Recognition Icon | FlexGenius module

Reward & Recognition

Rewarding and recognising the efforts and positive behaviour of employees can be a powerful business driver. Our integrated proposition delivers a consistent and dynamic solution, maximising your return on your investment (ROI).

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Total Reward Statement Icon | FlexGenius module

Total Reward Statement

An attractive, graphical representation of the value of all elements of the benefits package will help employees understand and appreciate what is on offer to them.

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Education & Advice Icon | FlexGenius module

Education & Advice

Inspired employers are increasingly seeing the benefits of providing education and advice to their employees. Our innovative approach encourages this valuable benefits activity.

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Policies & Documents Icon | FlexGenius module

Policies & Documents

FlexGenius provides employers with a secure environment to manage their flexible employee benefits platform where documents can be stored and published. It's accessible 24/7/365, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

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Engage your staff with our suite of internal communication tools

Visionary employers view their employees in the same way as customers, ensuring communications are targeted, consistent and of high quality. The innovative suite of communication tools available within FlexGenius will empower any employer to engage effectively and professionally with their employees.

Announcements and news can be published instantly and bolstered with video content and embedded links. Surveys can be created at the drop of a hat and targeted to any group or department.

Employee benefits dashboard | FlexGenius communications tools

Latest employee benefits news and insights

Explore the latest insights from our employee benefits experts as we share our vast knowledge and experience. Get the latest HR tech trends, best practices and advice on implementing modern, flexible employee benefits programs.