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Total Reward Statements

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Total Reward Statements have evolved

Ensuring employees understand the true value of their remuneration package is a key component of successful reward management. The integrated Total Reward module in FlexGenius allows HR professionals to deliver high-quality statements and graphics quickly and easily.

Total Reward Statement on FlexGenius

of employees state that the value of their rewards package is higher than they thought.

Key features you'll love

Customised reward presentations

FlexGenius gives employers the choice of how they present total reward data to their employees. The module can be configured to allow for either dynamic data, with real-time updates, or static data, with previous or periodic comparative figures.

User-friendly updates

The simple-to-use bulk data upload and editing functionality allows for rapid deployment and data updates. There is no restriction on the number of updates, and reward statements can be published as soon as new employees start.

Enhanced graphics for better engagement

Every picture tells a story. An important element of any Total Reward Statement module is the graphical representation. A selection of pre-formatted graphical displays is available with FlexGenius, delivering professional-level visuals at the touch of a button.