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Prioritise Employee Wellness with Our Health Benefits

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Boost employee productivity through optimal health

We’ve scoured the market for the best and most innovative employee health benefits products.
The inbuilt flexibility of FlexGenius means that any existing or new scheme can be accommodated, with full choice management and administration.


million days lost per year to work-related illness.

Transformative health benefits for your team

Private medical insurance

Capture choices, manage dependants and give employees maximum flexibility.

Health/dental cash plans

Proving very popular as an alternative or in conjunction with traditional private medical insurance.

Health screening

Employer funded or voluntary, this valuable benefit is a major element in preventative intervention.


Online doctor and prescription service without having to leave the desk or work environment. It's a big growth employee health benefit.

Discounted health clubs

Over 3,000 gyms and health clubs offer corporate discounts to participating employees.