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Communicate like a professional

Visionary employers think of their employees in the same way as their customers and ensure that communications are targeted, consistent and of high quality. The innovative suite of communication tools available within FlexGenius will empower you to engage effectively and professionally with your employees.

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Increase in engagement through effective communication.

Engage with your employee community


Use FlexGenius' communication tools to publish announcements and news whenever you wish. Add graphics, links and video content to reinforce your message. Pre-determine the duration of your announcements and add automated email notifications to drive traffic to the portal.


Target your market. Thanks to the FlexGenius platform's flexibility, you can group and categorise your employees in any way you wish. You can use this functionality to restrict the visibility of announcements and surveys to the appropriate group of employees.


FlexGenius has an inbuilt survey tool, complete with email notifications. Engage your employees by seeking their opinions, and publish survey results within minutes. The survey tool can also be used as a form builder; useful for collecting and collating any information. As with announcements, surveys can be targeted to any specified group.