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Case Study: Crest Nicholson

Crest Nicholson

We provided a seamless employee benefits platform migration for Crest Nicholson, which has been building new homes across the South of England for over 55 years. Our client prides itself on its passion for building high-quality developments and creating vibrant, sustainable communities.

Previously, Crest Nicholson was using a similar flexible benefits platform, but they found it was overly complex, had poor user experience and low return on investment.

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Smooth and simple migration.


Crest Nicholson.


79% engagement rate.

Project requirements

The Crest Nicholson team engaged with us to find a better solution. With many similar solutions typically integrated into company intranets, they were keen for access on the go. This is especially important as many of their workforce were not office-based, with no access or need for a corporate email address.

Crest Nicholson project requirements

The process to migrate our benefits system was smooth and simple, with a really helpful team on hand. We’re pleased with the FlexGenius platform: it is intuitive and easy to use. We have seen a reduction in questions from our employees and an increase in engagement.

– Stephanie Fleming, Assistant Company Secretary, Crest Nicholson

The solution


We set up Crest Nicholson’s branded benefits platform, which the team can access online – making it more accessible for all employees. Then, we set up an automated transfer of existing employee data which made the migration more efficient. This also meant we could enable them to utilise our single sign-on login.

The Crest Nicholson HR team were able to select from our extensive range of packages. Our pick ’n’ mix approach allowed them to offer benefits best suited to the needs of their large employee base.

We provided Crest Nicholson with a new flexible digital benefits platform to suit its diverse workforce. The new platform boasts over 20 benefits, both core and voluntary schemes including financial protection and health & wellbeing. This has so far received a 79% engagement rate.

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