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Case Study: Treatt


We provided an intuitive, user-friendly employee benefits platform for Treatt, which manufactures natural extracts for beverages, flavours, fragrances and consumer goods.

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An intuitive, easy-to-use, flexible employee benefits platform.




85% engagement rate.

Project requirements

Before Treatt's journey with us, the overarching feedback from its existing solution was how hard its platform was to use.

Our client wanted access to a range of benefits, some of which aren’t the run-of-the-mill offering, such as fuel and car allowances, and company shares.

Additionally, there are 36 benefits options, split across six wellbeing packages. As you can imagine, it’s important to convey these with as much clarity as possible. Something which Treatt hadn’t been able to achieve before.

Treatt project requirements - women enjoying coffee

Really user-friendly, much prefer the layout and especially like how the discounts are split, really quick visual on whether the benefit window is open and much easier to view what your current option is.

The solution


One of the benefits of having your own developers is being able to customise solutions for even the most particular of needs. We built a solution that allowed Treatt to integrate its current provision, in a way that was simple to understand, navigate and select.

During our kick-off with the HR team, one of Treatt's pain points was the amount of time spent on queries. Normally a FAQ page would suffice here, but its platform had many idiosyncrasies which meant this wasn’t possible. The team wanted to free up their time on this so that they could add value elsewhere in the organisation.


With an incredible 85% turnaround in employee engagement, Collette Harrison, People Advisor for the UK Benefits team, said:

“It has been a great experience working with Avantus [and FlexGeniu] and the proof is in the comments, we as an HR team have received from management and staff:

  • ‘Feedback on the new system – super. It was easy, showed the impact of changes, and really so much better than the other one.’
  • ‘I love it!!! Well done it looks amazing.’
  • ‘I have to say this new portal is a million miles better than the previous one. Very easy to login via SSO and very easy to see your benefits.’
  • ‘It’s really easy to navigate and methodical! Woohoo!!! Love it.”
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