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Case Study: Wienerberger


We provided a range of employee benefits to meet a devise workforce for Wienerberger, a leading supplier of wall, roof, and landscaping innovations. Established over 200 years ago in Austria, the business has a rich history from humble beginnings.

From the latest construction innovation to traditional handmade and heritage techniques, Wienerberger aims to provide its customers with an outcome which contributes towards a better quality of life.

Fast forward to today, and it has over 200 production sites across 30 countries. In the UK, there are 1,250 employees, working across 14 sites.

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Remote access, with a range of benefits to suit a diverse workforce.




70% engagement rate.

Project requirements

A large, diverse workforce means that Wienerberger required a flexible digital benefits platform to suit a range of needs. Due to a mix of roles from production and distribution to office based, access must not rely on corporate email addresses or a LAN intranet.

Wienerberger project requirements

Since the launch of our platform in 2019, we have worked with FlexGenius to create an employee proposition that is effective and delivers exactly what we need. The accessibility and flexibility of the FlexGenius platform mean we can provide our employees with an easy, one-stop shop for their benefits and this is reflected in the fact that, despite our workforce being majority offline, we see excellent engagement rates with the platform.

– Catherine Melia, Rewards and Benefits Manager, Wienerberger

The solution


After looking at a range of providers, Wienerberger’s UK division chose FlexGenius. The extra features we offer was a key selling point:

  • We’re more than an online benefits portal
  • We offer the ability to share company news
  • Ability to gather feedback with the survey tools
  • Showcase rewards and recognition possibilities

Additionally, the team Wienerberger liked the option to provide custom access levels. This means they can tailor their offering to different employee groups and make sure that employees only see the most relevant content.

And of course, our client rated the range of benefits highly. From financial tools, such as insurance and savings offerings, to lifestyle benefits and healthcare plans, there is plenty to choose from.


With a 70% employee engagement rate, it’s fair to say that Wienerberger’s launch of their new digital rewards and benefits platform has been a success. The team have praised us for our high level of support, flexibility, and response time for updates.

FlexGenius could help boost your employee engagement with our flexible, digital platform.

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