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Lifestyle Benefits

Because everybody is different..

FlexGenius plays host to the widest and most inspiring selection of lifestyle benefits that are available in the market.  All options are seamlessly integrated with straightforward administration.


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Some of our most popular:

Holiday Trading

FlexGenius provides the easiest way to enable your staff to buy or sell annual leave. Whether one annual opportunity or more frequently, the configuration tools make light work of this extremely popular benefit.

Cycle to Work

The fully integrated e-agreements and fast reporting make for a compelling way to manage this ever popular benefit.  With a choice of cycle retailer and flexible terms, FlexGenius is the easiest way to offer this full salary sacrifice scheme.

Payroll Giving

FlexGenius simplifies the process with direct reporting to the Payroll Giving Agency.  Employees simply choose an amount to contribute; and make their charity selections direct through their online charity account.

Childcare Vouchers

FlexGenius embodies full management and administration of the Childcare Voucher scheme, the 2nd most popular employee benefit. Whilst the scheme will be closed to new entrants after March 2018, many thousands of employees will still benefit for the foreseeable future.

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