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Reward & Recognition

Integrated Reward and Recognition

FlexGenius benefits from a fully-integrated reward and recognition module, allowing organisations to roll-out innovative and engaging reward programmes simply and quickly.


of HR managers felt their previous Reward programme fell down due to poor delivery

Key Features

Reward Giving

With our points based scheme, nominated managers can reward worthy employees. The reward amounts can be pre-determined, and linked to any criteria or corporate values. Employees redeem their points using a selection of fulfilment channels. The scheme is simple to administrate and can work to periodic budgets. Instant Rewards can also be incorporated.

Just say 'Thank you'

Enable Peer to Peer recognition – give your employees the ability to thank one another, or allow them to nominate a Local Hero. Recognitions are visible to all employees and include a brief narrative, and a league table is maintained using a Leaderboard.

Company Awards

Employee of the month, top salesperson, long service awards etc.. These awards can be published to your employee community in an attractive way. The awards process can also be managed using our configurable voting system.

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