How to Combine Employee Rewards and Benefits Schemes with FlexGenius' All-in-One Solution

Simplify Employee Rewards and Benefits Schemes with FlexGenius

Employee rewards and benefits schemes play a crucial role in modern workplace dynamics. They are pivotal in enhancing employee satisfaction, fostering staff retention and contributing to successful talent recruitment. As employees who feel satisfied and recognised are more likely to stay with their current employer, it also helps reduce turnover costs. 

According to research by MetLife, 30% of employees are willing to forego a higher salary for improved benefits. Similarly, a Glassdoor study found that nearly 3 in 5 job-seekers rank benefits and perks among their top considerations when deciding whether to accept a job offer.

Despite this, managing multiple employee benefits schemes can be challenging for your HR team. Coordinating various offerings, ensuring employee engagement and effectively communicating the available benefits require significant time and effort.

This is where an all-in-one employee rewards and benefits solution comes in. FlexGenius offers a comprehensive platform designed to streamline the management of employee rewards and benefits programmes, incorporating a suite of tools and features tailored to address the needs of modern organisations.

The problem: Disjointed rewards and benefits schemes

Across industries, employers are competing to attract the top talent in their field. In such an environment, disjointed rewards and benefits schemes can be a significant liability, becoming an administrative burden for your HR team and even hurting your company’s bottom line. 

4 key issues caused by disjointed employee rewards and benefits schemes and systems


1. Hard to track and manage benefits

Disjointed rewards and benefits schemes can result in a fragmented and confusing system where employees struggle to keep track of their perks. With various benefits spread across multiple platforms or administered through different channels, employees can find it difficult to understand and access the benefits they’re entitled to. This lack of clarity leads to employee frustration and dissatisfaction, with many useful benefits remaining underutilized.

2. Low employee engagement

If your employee rewards and benefits programmes are disjointed, complex and hard to navigate, most employees will not bother investing time and effort in engaging with them. As a result, despite investing heavily to enhance your employees’ wellbeing and quality of life through these schemes, it’ll be a wasted effort. A rewards scheme that doesn’t attract and engage employees is useless, as it won’t help motivate your workforce or prevent turnover. 

3. Administrative burden for the HR team

Managing fragmented employee rewards and benefits schemes can place a huge administrative burden on your HR team. It’ll force your HR managers to dedicate time and resources towards contending with multiple processes, platforms and vendors, leading to inefficiency and administrative strain. Such complexity also makes it harder for your HR team to effectively communicate with employees and promote the benefits and rewards schemes being offered.

4. Inability to incentivise desired behaviours

Disjointed rewards programmes – without a centralised system for tracking and analysing employee engagement and performance – will fail to incentivise desired employee behaviour. For instance, a top-performing Sales team might go unrecognised if their achievements (and the associated rewards) are scattered across various platforms. This is a missed opportunity to reward their outstanding performance and reinforce the company’s sales-driven culture. 

If you can’t accurately identify and reward the individuals or teams who contribute most to the company’s success, you’ll run the risk of losing your top performers over time. The lack of targeted recognition will also make it hard to foster a culture of innovation and excellence among your employees. 

The solution: FlexGenius’ all-in-one platform

These problems outlined can be effectively addressed with the help of an integrated platform for managing rewards and benefits, such as FlexGenius. It streamlines the entire process, allowing employees to easily track, manage and access their benefits through a single user-friendly interface. 

FlexGenius is a centralised platform that efficiently manages employee rewards and benefits, including customisable recognition programmes, health and wellbeing schemes, savings opportunities, financial protection options and data analytics, fostering employee engagement and satisfaction.

With a focus on simplicity, flexibility and customisation, FlexGenius empowers companies to tailor schemes to align seamlessly with their corporate values and objectives. Easy integration with your existing HR systems makes this solution even more attractive. 

Some of the key features to expect from FlexGenius

Reward & recognition

  • Points-based reward system: The platform enables managers to easily identify and reward deserving employees based on pre-set criteria or goals, helping raise morale and create an environment of healthy competition.
  • Peer-to-peer recognition: The system is designed to enable employees to recognise each other's contributions, publicly thanking one another and even nominating a ‘local hero’, to foster a positive work environment.
  • Company awards: FlexGenius helps you efficiently manage employee awards, such as ‘top salesperson’ or ‘employee of the month’, with a configurable voting system, to motivate workers and promote a culture of excellence.

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Employee health management

  • Health club discounts: FlexGenius enables your employees to access discounts on more than 3000 health clubs and gyms across the country.

  • Health schemes administration: From private medical insurance to health screening, FlexGenius automates the management of various health benefits, ensuring your employees always have quick access to these vital resources.

  • VideoDoc service: We enable you to offer convenient online doctor consultations for your employees, promoting good health and productivity by eliminating the need to leave the workplace for medical appointments.

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Savings and discounts

  • Employee discounts: Give your employees access to exclusive deals and discounts on shopping, cars, dining and health clubs, saving them money while improving their lifestyle.
  • Financial protection: Offer employees peace of mind with comprehensive financial protection options, such as death-in-service benefits, smart pension schemes, critical illness cover and income protection.

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Lifestyle benefits

  • Holiday trading: FlexGenius empowers employees to manage their annual leave effectively by buying or selling leave days, in an attempt to promote work-life balance as well as workplace flexibility.
  • Cycle-to-work and childcare vouchers: You can streamline the administration of popular benefits like cycle-to-work schemes and childcare vouchers, simplifying access for employees and reducing the burden on your HR department.

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And that’s not all. FlexGenius allows your HR team to deliver high-quality reward statements and graphics, helping employees understand the full value of their compensation package, to foster transparency and trust in the workplace.

By centralising these complex and divergent processes into one intuitive platform, FlexGenius helps companies enhance employee satisfaction and engagement while minimising turnover. 

Key steps to implementing FlexGenius’ rewards software in your organisation

Integrating FlexGenius’ rewards and benefits software into your company's existing infrastructure involves several simple steps, to ensure a seamless transition. Below are the key steps to implement our solutions.

1. Customisation and configuration

Collaborate with the FlexGenius experts to tailor the platform to your company’s specific needs. These might include the following:

  • Customising the platform to align with your company's colours, logo and visual identity, for effective branding. 
  • Setting up user roles and permissions to ensure appropriate access levels for HR teams and employees.
  • Configuring benefits options to align with your company's existing employee rewards and benefits schemes, while taking into account factors such as demographics, preferences and regulatory requirements.

2. Data migration

You’ll need to carefully plan and execute the migration of existing employee data and benefits information to the FlexGenius platform. 

First, map the data fields between your company's existing systems and the FlexGenius platform, to ensure seamless integration. Then, assess the quality and integrity of the data to be migrated, to prevent inaccuracies or inconsistencies.

Lastly, try and minimise downtime and disruption to HR operations by implementing the data migration process during off-peak hours. 

During the migration process, take every precaution to ensure that sensitive employee data is well-protected. Be sure to comply with relevant privacy regulations like GDPR, and provide your HR team with training on data handling and confidentiality.

3. Communications and rollout

Develop a comprehensive communications plan to announce the integration of FlexGenius and promote awareness among employees about its benefits.

  • Craft clear and engaging messaging to highlight the benefits of the platform for employees, the HR team and management.
  • Leverage multiple communication channels to reach employees across different locations and departments.
  • Provide step-by-step instructions on how employees can access and utilise the new features offered by FlexGenius.
  • If needed, offer training sessions or workshops to familiarise HR teams and employees with the platform’s features and functionalities.

4. Monitor and measure success

Finally, you’ll need to establish KPIs to track the success of the FlexGenius integration and measure its impact. This includes the following:

  • Define relevant metrics, such as employee engagement levels, benefits utilisation rates and administrative efficiency gains.
  • Implement tracking mechanisms to collect data on these metrics over time, using the built-in analytics tools that FlexGenius offers.
  • Analyse the collected data to identify trends, patterns and potential areas for improvement.

With these steps, you can successfully integrate FlexGenius’ cutting-edge employee rewards and benefits software into your company’s existing infrastructure. 

To maximise the effectiveness of this new employee benefits platform, utilise FlexGenius’ data analytics capabilities to gain important insights into benefits utilisation and employee preferences. This will allow you to tailor benefits offerings to your workforce’s specific needs and preferences. Plus, regularly assess the effectiveness of your benefits schemes, making adjustments as needed to align with evolving employee needs and organisational goals.

Get started with FlexGenius and empower employee rewards and benefits schemes

Effective employee rewards and benefits schemes are crucial for attracting and retaining top talent in today’s competitive environment. These programmes play a vital role in fostering a culture of recognition and productivity, reducing turnover and enhancing employee satisfaction.

FlexGenius offers a powerful, centralised platform for managing and implementing all your schemes. It helps streamline the entire process of managing rewards and benefits, allowing for easy access, management and utilisation tracking, through a user-friendly interface. 

So, if you think FlexGenius might be the solution for you, book a demo today to see how we can unlock the full potential of your reward and benefits strategy.