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With its slick online dashboard FlexGenius makes it easy to offer your employees benefits and rewards that cover everything from private medical insurance to financial protection to lifestyle benefits, and much much more.

FlexGenius’ huge range of benefits and features ensures you not only attract but retain the best and brightest talent for your organisation. The proof is in the numbers:

  • 75% of employees reported they’re more likely to stay with their employer because of their benefit program
  • 35% of millennials have turned down job offers because they were dissatisfied with the benefits being offered
  • 96% of employees who are satisfied with their benefits are satisfied with their jobs
  • 92% of full-time employees believe that companies that offer nontraditional benefits are more likely to recruit top-tier talent

Upgrade your company benefits to first-class with FlexGenius, and join the companies already experiencing higher employee engagement, satisfaction and retention.

Here are 6 benefits of FlexGenius:


Bespoke Communication Module – A Company Social Network

flexgenius communication moduleGreat company communication is a crucial component of every successful organisation.

FlexGenius offers an easy yet premium solution; a communication module custom-tailored to your organisation by our team. Take ownership of a powerful, private online community for your company and make sharing ideas, actions and intra-company news simple and efficient.

Discounts at gyms and health clubs across the country

FlexGenius offers discounts at over 3,000 gyms and health clubs across the country. For those not already signed up to a local club, FlexGenius will even show the nearest establishments where discounts are applicable.

We all know how important physical health is to mental wellbeing and productivity; FlexGenius makes it easier for you to encourage your team to stay fit and healthy.

Over 4000 offers across High Street Shops & Supermarkets

A penny saved is a penny earned. Supermarket and high street shopping adds up; FlexGenius makes it a bit easier on your pockets. You can help your team save with discounts and offers at over 4,000 outlets across the United Kingdom.

Total Reward Statements

With the integrated Total Reward module in FlexGenius, employers can ensure employees understand the true value of their remuneration packages. HR professionals can quickly and easily deliver high quality statements and graphics, and editing functionality such as bulk data upload allows rapid deployment and updates.

VideoDoc – Online doctor & prescription service

VideoDoc offers an online doctor and prescription service that your team can connect with via a mobile app, should they ever feel unwell. This can save time, can help cut absence and it can give your employees peace of mind knowing they are only a few taps away from connecting with a registered medical professional.

Payroll Giving

You can make it easier for employees to donate to worthy causes; FlexGenius simplifies the payroll giving process through direct reporting to the Payroll Giving Agency. Employees can quickly and easily choose an amount to contribute, and make their charity selections direct through their online charity account.

Sign up to FlexGenius

To find out more about FlexGenius or book a demo of our market leading employee benefits software, visit our contact page or give our team a call on 0800 652 4745