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As an employee benefits solutions provider, we know the importance of employee engagement. Not just through rewards, discounts and lifestyle perks but also through clear internal communication. We introduce you to our state-of-the-art employee communication module and outline how the tool allows staff to create their own social network.

What is the FlexGenius Communication Module and how can it benefit your business?

Great company communication is a crucial component of every successful organisation. Communication makes life easier, more manageable and organised. This is why you need a tool like FlexGenius' Communication Module.

Our bespoke employee communication module: A company social network

FlexGenius' employee communication module


FlexGenius offers a state-of-the-art communication feature which allows your company to create its own ‘social network’. This is to increase engagement and communication between employees.

Employees can share important updates with their peers at the click of a button, and employers can alert the workforce to important news (complete with graphics, links and video), collect information, run surveys and send out automatic alerts for important events or meetings.

Seamless internal employee communication

Gone are the days of having one file here, and another conversation thread there. FlexGenius compiles all communication into a single platform. It's equipped with useful tools such as automatic email notifications and segmenting of employees, so you can quickly and effectively target announcements to specific groups. Effective communication has never been so easy or accessible.


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