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The topic of artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage at the moment, but it's no longer just talk or hypotheticals, as businesses of all kinds are implementing the technology within their systems and processes. We explore the potential of AI and machine learning in HR, how you can utilise the technology and its impact on employee benefits.  

First up: what is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

How we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) is still in its infancy. Whilst it may make you think of robots in large-scale environments, it is already amongst us in much simpler ways. AI supports us in a variety of manners, from self-checkouts at your local supermarket to powering technology such as customer service chatbots.

Machine learning, also referred to as ML, is another type of artificial intelligence. IBM define machine learning as a “computer science which focuses on the use of data and algorithms to imitate the way humans learn, gradually improving its accuracy”. A simple way to think of this is the autocorrect function on your smartphone or keyboard.

The big question: will AI take my job…?!

In short, no. The longer answer is that if anything, it’ll free up time you spend on dull, repetitive tasks. Thus, allowing you to spend more time on human-to-human interactions with your teams.

Sage HR says:

The future of HR, is undeniably one that combines human and technology focus, with the latter being viewed by some as a potential threat to Human Resources as we know it. However, the more pragmatic and optimistic view is that the continued evolution of AI will be the great liberator of HR’s time, resulting in HR leaders, practitioners and people managers having that time back, to re-focus on the people interactions that matter.

The role of AI and machine learning in HR and employee engagement?

AI and machine learning in HR are ideal for helping in the more time-intensive parts of driving employee engagement. For example, creating surveys and analysing the results.

Machine learning can help you with:

  • the best types of questions
  • how to word them
  • recommendations on optimal survey length

An employee collaborating hand in hand with an AI assistant for enhanced productivity and efficiency in the workplace | AI and machine learning in HR

How does AI assist with employee benefits?

Through analysis, you can see which of your benefits and rewards are most popular - thus which ones are most valuable to your teams.

This can be helpful to understand what areas might need more explanation. Especially for under-utilised yet important resources, such as Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP).

Additionally, AI in HR can be great for benefits admin. Such as creating interactive support and frequently asked questions (FAQ) resources. You can harness tools like chatbots and recommendations on your FAQ content.

Sparkhound deployed a chatbot to help demystify benefits for employees. Sandy Michelet, Director of People Strategy at Sparkhound says she’s already getting results:

“We recently launched an HR BOT to answer the top 30 benefits questions we’ve received over the last four years. Part of the launch included a feedback button so we can continuously improve. Although it was a soft launch, I am already hearing positive comments about the ease of use and the immediate responsiveness.”

Summary: Embracing AI and machine learning in HR

Hopefully, we have helped unravel some of the mysteries behind AI and machine learning. At FlexGenius, you can take advantage of these brilliant technologies to save time on:

Ultimately, we want you to embrace AI and machine learning in HR with us. We see how it frees up time spent on ‘pencil pushing’, allowing for more time to focus on human interaction. Which, as many in HR will say, is the most rewarding part of the job. Explore our employee benefits software or read our blog on digital transformation in HR.

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