Creating a Sustainable Employee Benefits Plan | FlexGenius

The big shift in the way we have lived and shopped over the past year has accelerated growing trends to be more environmentally responsible and support our local businesses and communities. Reducing carbon footprints and being more eco-conscious is also being extended to the way we work. This includes access to sustainable employee benefits.

Are you looking at ways to create a greener, cleaner employee benefits package that reflects your company’s ethos and values? Environmental, social and corporate governance measures will no doubt be part of your business strategy. So the big question is how can your employee benefits contribute to help achieve your goals? Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways you can make your employee packages more sustainable for everyone.

Flexible ‘go green’ perks and allowances 

Start with a digital employee benefits platform to reduce paper mountains. Packages could then include anything from discounts on shopping with more ethical brands to organic food boxes to digital vouchers to spend on more environmentally friendly meals out.

Work-from-home perks and energy efficiency

With a hybrid remote working model here to stay, businesses are looking for ways to extend green initiatives that they offer in their workplace to help employees be more eco-conscious at home.

Energy efficiency is a hot topic for those that are looking for green solutions at home. Sustainability programmes that include things like discounts on solar insulations are just some of the ways companies can support energy efficiency. You could also offer discounts on green energy tariffs, appliance rebates, home energy assessment subsides or sustainable waste management such as composting supplies.

Reducing food waste is a major lifestyle change right now. Connecting employees with each other and local businesses so that food can be shared is also a great way to cut down on waste and it can be good for team building too. Check out a food sharing app like OLIO to get everyone started.

A cleaner commute and greener travel schemes 

Although working remotely is a good way to reduce collective carbon footprints, there will be times when Zoom calls will end and people will head back to their offices and meet in person again. Obviously reducing flying is always a good way to cut CO2. Smart businesses are investing in flight-free and other travel perks. Cycle to work and walking perks have always been a good way to reduce emissions and encourage your team to get fit at the same time.  Other initiatives could include investing in electric vehicles, carpooling and carsharing (when social distancing restrictions permit/are lifted). All of these are ways to ensure a greener commute and new habits are formed, which are rewarded with incentives and perks woven into your employees’ benefits packages.

What else?

You could also invest in sustainability workshops to get everyone onboard and engaged around what you’re trying to achieve as a business and as individuals.

Don’t forget to do due diligence on the organisations that you partner with to provide your employee benefits. Do they share the same ethos and values as your business? Are they working hard to make their business more sustainable and investing in green solutions and products?

If you have found this useful, let’s talk to see how we can help you reduce your carbon footprint and make your employee benefits packages more sustainable. We’re here if you need our help.